Email Latency

Like lots of people who are too hooked into technology for their own good, I tend to receive loads of emails a day, even after the huge quantity of spam is removed. Sometimes it's easy, and fast to respond to a given email. Once in a while I get an email from someone that I really want to respond to in some detail; usually an email from a good friend I don't often see or haven't seen in a while.

Since I'm usually up to my neck in too much stuff, it's precisely this email that I leave to the side to deal with later, "when I have more time". Yes, the people who know me well already understand the problems with that. It would help if icedove stored its tags correctly in my dovecot based IMAP server. but for some reason it often doesn't. The end result is that "later", I'm still struggling to complete a dozen tasks on a list, and the email is anonymously buried in my inbox under many more recent arrivals.

That's really not good, and I'll have to make more of an effort to keep in touch with all these friends.

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