Free Software
Debian's navel gazing

Debian is my favourite distribution of GNU/Linux. It's a well respected and well known brand, although I was almost stunned while on business in London last Friday to meet someone who knew about Suse, and Red Hat but wasn't even aware of the existence of Debian. I like Debian's astonishing infrastructure, and its community led […]

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Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah

Ok. I dislike the X-Factor. I think Ben Elton's book Chart Throb pretty much says it all. I managed to watch very little of it this year (harder than it sounds given the exposure you get from other people) but did manage to be totally oblivious to the outcome. I remain so, with pride. However, […]

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Crashing Cars

Consider two identical cars, each travelling at a constant velocity v towards each other. Suppose that they crash, and to simplify things, let's not consider any rebound. Then the energy of each is kinetic in nature and so the energy of the crash is given by Ok. That's a nice way to show the energy […]

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