Palm TX woes

So yesterday my Palm TX wouldn’t switch on. After a lot of frustration I eventually hit the reset button on the back.

Then it kept crashed on the “Palm Powered” logo and entered into an infinite loop – well infinite until the battery ran out. I managed a warm reset and can get a lot of stuff working in that environment, but lots of stuff is unavailable – wifi for example, and blazer crashes the machine everytime.

I bought the TX with a mixture of the usual new gadget glee and reluctance. The reluctance was because I loved my Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, not least since it ran a rock solid GNU/Linux. My TX is nothing like as reliable, but is smaller, with built-in wifi and bluetooth and (unbelievably) better sync support with GNU/Linux desktops.

Looks like I need to hard reset my palm and restore, but I’m very tempted to play with Opie distributions I’ve just found for palm at hackndev. Of course, the real problem is I have a Palm because I haven’t that much free time…