Free Software
Virtual folders with Dovecot and Debian

I use client side virtual folders a bit for my mail. Specifically, I tag messages with IMAP flags like todo and important, and then in Icedove / Thunderbird, I set up a special folder as a saved search which shows message that are either unseen, or marked todo in my inbox. It works rather well, […]

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random musings
Fixing g1 Accelerometer

I had noted before that my accelerometer had broken on my Android g1 phone, so that one axis was out by about 40 degrees. Despite lots of "helpful" suggestions from my friends on how to fix it (you know who you are), nothing worked. This did. Connect to the phone with adb (from the Android […]

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Cyanogen Android ROM on the g1

I've had my Google development phone, the g1, for some time now. I haven't had the luxury of time to write anything for it, but I mainly wanted it to try out Android anyway. I've reviewed the phone before, and again after some canonical firmware upgrades. I use the truly excellent K9 application for mail, […]

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