role playing
Zagyg is dead

Yesterday, Mr Ernest Gary Gygax died. If you don't know who Gary was, he was the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons. My Auntie Viv, who quite recently passed away, bought me a basic D&D rule set many years ago, I guess I was nine or ten, and I guess at the age of 11 I […]

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martial arts
Samurai Teen?

Today, the BBC News reported on a 'Samurai teen out for revenge'. It's not at all clear who added the quotes and why, but the young teenager, from Newcastle, Northern Ireland, luxuriating in the ancient samurai name of "Rocco Burns", took his 'Samurai Sword' out to wreak revenge on several people who allegedly assaulted him. […]

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Marvell Technology 88SE6121 SATA II Controller

When I returned from the Christmas holidays to work, I found my computer there was showing signs of impeding disk failure, and shortly thereafter I could no longer boot it due to massive corruption of the disk sectors where the C library resides. I decided we better get a SATA disk (noting there were SATA […]

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