Free Software
Mono in Debian

I note that the controversy of Mono in Debian which reached fever pitch with the inclusion of Tomboy as part of the default Gnome applications rages on, and now RMS has entered the fray. I respect Stallman a lot. I'm a fellow of FSFE. His positions are usually well thought and argued, though I can't […]

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Roberts WM201 Internet Radio

I recently bought a Roberts WM201 Internet Radio. I've used it for a while now and thought I'd post my thoughts. First of all, I was looking for a radio meeting certain criteria, it needed wifi, I wanted it to pack a reasonable punch since it would essentially be my main music source, it needed […]

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martial arts
Self Defence and Over Confidence

Some years ago, I saw an article on the local news showing some girls being schooled in martial arts, Karate in this case, in order to defend themselves from disreputable men (no jokes about tautologies please). It was interesting to note that many felt after about an hour that they were suddenly capable of fending […]

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random musings
Ethics and Terminators

I went to Terminator Salvation tonight with Andy. I don't think what follows will act as a spoiler, but if you haven't seen it, plan to, and worry about that, look away now. I enjoyed the first two Terminator films hugely. The third one, ho hum, and this one was good entertainment except for the […]

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