Free Software
Dear LazyWeb, Icedove/Thunderbird is annoying because...

I use Icedove for mail mainly (the Debian variant of Thunderbird - a long and not very interesting story). I generally like it. I've used pine and mutt, but generally get too much stuff to view to make a text mode editor much fun. I've used evolution, but it was for a long time very […]

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Einstein and Eddington

On Saturday night, quite by accident, I sat down to watch "Einstein and Eddington" on the BBC. Einstein has been an inspiration to me from an early age, and I'd known a lot about his life and work, and for many years a picture of him has adorned my room or office, though not at […]

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BBC Logical Paradox

I was just reading the BBC's article about the leaked details of BNP members.. It's an interesting story, although of course here in Northern Ireland we have our own unique brand of prejudiced politics. (This reminds me of Frankie Boyle joking about Al Qaeda trying to bring religious intolerance to Scotland, that they were centuries […]

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Windows "anti-virus"

Today I was asked to look at a computer that was claiming to be infested by viruses following clicking on a link from facebook. This was of course a Windows situation, so I was unsure how much help I could be given how long it's been since I had to use Windows. Anyway, I booted […]

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