Free Software
Free software and its relationship to Quality

Yesterday I was given an advance preview of a document for comment. It finished with a paragraph warning the audience that since it was discussing an open source solution it would require more in-house expertise to cope with it. I won't mention more about the context since while this exasperates me, it's not the fault […]

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Destroying Hard Drives

Today, the BBC News website reported on a Which? Computing magazine article that claims that the physical destruction of a hard drive is essential to protect the data on it, citing that they had retrieved deleted files from second hand drives. For most folks in computing, the ability to retrieve deleted files is not surprising, […]

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Crashing Cars, an answer?

Every year I attempt to visit my old PhD supervisor Brian McMaster (old in the sense that my PhD is now a thing of the past, I am making no reference to the man in question!) at Christmas time to have a quick natter and exchange gifts. I was squeezed for time this year since […]

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