Einstein and Eddington

On Saturday night, quite by accident, I sat down to watch "Einstein and Eddington" on the BBC. Einstein has been an inspiration to me from an early age, and I'd known a lot about his life and work, and for many years a picture of him has adorned my room or office, though not at the moment as it happens. I suppose in compensation einstein is the hostname of my work computer at the moment.

Anyway I was also for this reason aware of Arthur Eddington, and his famous experiment to verify that gravity bent starlight. I was also aware of his famous quote regarding being one of three men who understood General Relativity. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to see the historical context of the interaction between these men, and a bit more of Eddington's life. I would recommend the programme highly, so if you're in the UK you have a few more days to catch it on iPlayer.

Great performances from Tennant and Serkis.

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