Dear LazyWeb, Icedove/Thunderbird is annoying because...

I use Icedove for mail mainly (the Debian variant of Thunderbird - a long and not very interesting story). I generally like it. I've used pine and mutt, but generally get too much stuff to view to make a text mode editor much fun. I've used evolution, but it was for a long time very slow, so now I tend to use Icedove. It locks up rather frequently on imladris (my main machine) running Debian unstable, and while I've now downloaded some debugging symbols I haven't devoted the time to finding out why yet.

Anyway, there are three things about it that really, really peeve me:

  • Why don't the damn tags in version 2+ actually stick (in my imap folders, in dovecot) so that I reliably see them using the same flaming program in work?
  • The feature to show a newly received mail is great, but it would be one thousand times more useful if I could tell the program to only feature mail in certain folders and/or not others. I don't really need to be told about how many thousands of new messages I have in my spam filtering folders all the time.
  • Why does the exact same program view emails on my laptop in such a way that I frequently see all the "Your editor does not support graphical content" stuff on such emails?

Yes, I've tried google, yes, I've tried FAQs. Can't find the answers. I'm sure I've looked right past them. Anybody?

BTW... Two posts in one day? Not an excess of free time, trying desperately to take my mind of one of my cats who is very ill atm.

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