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  • Tweaking Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

    I answered a question on Quora about the consequences of Newton’s law of Universal Gravitation being in inverse law and not an inverse square law for 60 seconds. The outcome is not so good, what with all matter acting as a black hole and all. What would happen if the law of gravity becomes ~1/r […]

  • My Old UFO sighting

    I promised previously, when talking about UFO sightings over Bangor, that I would record my own here. As I mentioned then, this doesn’t imply alien craft, but an unidentified flying object, and I’m pretty certain this wasn’t such a craft, or if so, the pilot probably needs an extensive driving ban. Anyway, here’s my record […]

  • UFO does NOT mean flying saucer

    Ok, it’s another pet peeve posting. The BBC have just posted a story about strange lights seen over Bangor. The summary reads “Residents in County Down have raised the possibility of a UFO sighting above the skies of Bangor.” It’s not a possibility, it was a UFO sighting. That is, they were Unidentified Flying Objects. […]