• OPUS and Assessment 3 – Regime Change

    OPUS and Assessment 3 – Regime Change

    This is the third and final article in a short series on how OPUS, a system for managing placement on-line, handles assessment. You probably want to read the first and second article before getting into this. Regime Change It’s not just in geo-political diplomacy that regime change is a risky proposition. In general you should […]

  • OPUS and Assessment 2 – Adding Custom Assessments

    This is a follow on to the previous article on setting up assessment in OPUS, an on-line system for placement learning. You probably want to read that first. This is much more advanced and requires some technical knowledge (or someone that has that). Making New Assessments Suppose that OPUS doesn’t have the assessment you want, […]

  • OPUS and Assessment 1 – The Basics

    OPUS and Assessment 1 – The Basics

    OPUS is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) web application I wrote at Ulster University to manage work based learning. It has been, and is used by some other universities too. Among its features is a way to understand the assessment structure for different groups and how it can change over years in such […]

  • OPUS and ASET, ten years on

    Ten years ago today, I and a few colleagues from Ulster University presented some of our work on on-line Placement Management at the ASET conference in York. At that time our system was simply called the Placement Management System or PMS, and yes of course this led to more than a few comments. At that […]

  • Importing data from lots of systems with PHP and Regular Expressions

    Preamble: I found this article sitting as a draft for several years (2009), so the software release it mentions was years ago! But I figured I’d finally proof read and release the article since the problem it addresses is still a real one. On Friday I released version 4.1.0 of OPUS which has been in […]