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  • Beef in Soy Sauce

    This is a version of a recipe my Mum had that I have experimented with in for a slow cooker format. I’ve pared this down to the most simple version I can. I usually run this recipe by eye, but one of my daughters wants to have a go at it, so I decided I’d […]

  • Bread without commercial yeast – Sour-dough

    Bread without commercial yeast – Sour-dough

    At the time of writing, an extraordinary number of people are in some sort of lockdown, and trying to go the shops less often, and when they do, certain items are in short supply. One of those items is commercial yeast. If you still have access to flour (preferably strong flour), salt and water, you […]

  • Bacon and Egg cupcakes

    This Sunday it’s the birthday of both Bruce Wayne and my better half, Tamsin. I figure Bruce will have a birthday breakfast sorted, so I thought I might look at having a special breakfast for Tam. So it’s French toast on order, and pancakes for Aimee etc.. Recently I had tripped over this image of […]