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  • Tweaking Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

    I answered a question on Quora about the consequences of Newton’s law of Universal Gravitation being in inverse law and not an inverse square law for 60 seconds. The outcome is not so good, what with all matter acting as a black hole and all. What would happen if the law of gravity becomes ~1/r […]

  • More about LHC black holes

    Last week I wrote a little about the size of black holes, and incidentally discussed very primitive calculations I did on the lifespan of any black hole created by the LHC. A few days later, this interesting article showed the results of professional physicists on just how little such little black holes could grow, in […]

  • Black Hole Radius, or How I came to love the LHC

    I allowed myself to become rather distracted by my second years last week as the class was finishing. They were talking about an episode of Horizon that discussed General Relativity and theories of Quantum Gravity. What followed was a free ranging discussion on the nature of infinity, mentioned briefly in the program. But we also […]