Battlestar Galactica near Earth

I have to say, I’ve enjoyed the “re-imagining” of Battlestar Galactica immensely so far. When it first aired, I thought it was a pretty corny idea, and didn’t watch it, but I watched an odd episode here and there, and I began to realise that this was probably the most slick, dramatic, special effects laden sci-fi show yet. It’s very addictive, and one of the very few TV shows I feel I don’t want to miss an episode of.

Tonight I just sat down to watch season 4, episode 3 (no spoilers, don’t worry!), and was very gratified to see Cylon base ships moving in a background that contained Orion, absolutely no doubt about it, a nice touch to show Earth is near. Now Orion is the easiest constellation to see, and I admit I never paid attention to the background before, but it’s just that kind of nice detail I like about the show. I’ll keep looking for more constellations now!






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