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  • Receiving Ukemi

    For those not acquainted by martial arts. The title is a bit of a weak play on words, since “ukemi” means something like “receiving through the body”. Uke is generally the receiver of a technique and thus the attacker in aikido, whereas the nage is the thrower to use one possible word. Ukemi is important […]

  • Models, Perception, Science, Religion, Martial Arts

    This is quite a long and detailed article, if you have no vague interest in meta-physics or philosophy and associated ideas, it may hold little value for you. You have been warned! I doubt that any human being lives directly in reality. None of us has an exact understanding of reality and generally I suspect […]

  • Interview with Alan Ruddock and Henry Kono

    I spent a pleasant weekend last week in Dublin at Fiona’s Dojo. It was good to see lots of people, including Aureli, who has started up a new dojo in the north west. The course was being given by Alan Ruddock and Henry Kono, and Alan heads the Aiki No Michi, the organisation to which […]